Wailing Blade NYCC Exclusive

  • $14.99

Ivie League Comics partnered with The Comic Mint to bring you this amazing exclusive from NYCC!

Wailing Blade Issue 1 does not roll off the presses officially until January 2019, but you can get a copy of this limited edition version today and get ahead of the game.

This NYCC Exclusive was created for us by Chris Rau and is limited to ONLY 350 copies. 

All items will be shipped by October 15th. 

About this book:

Thousands of years after mankind’s fall from the stars, the remnants of humanity live under the brutal thumb of tyrannical rulers who wield futuristic technology that to the masses, is indistinguishable from magic. These petty warlords squabble over the dwindling resources of a dying earth, while they themselves bow down to the Tyrant of Minturn, who crushes all who oppose him with his legendary executioners – warriors who wield the deadliest weapons from mankind’s starfaring days. The most feared of these executioners is the Head Taker, who wields the mighty and unstoppable Wailing Blade – a sword which screams louder than the victims it beheads.