Sink 6 NYCC Exclusive - Trade Dress and Virgin Set

  • $34.99

Ivie League Comics partnered with Mutant Beaver Comics to bring you this masterpiece cover by artist Ryan Kincaid.

This is the FIRST EVER Virgin cover for a Sink comic!

Sink Issue 6 kicks off the second volume of Sink in a big way. Check out the amazing horror comic that has audiences thrilled with this limited edition available at NYCC and right here at ILC.

Trade Dress copies were limited to 500 printed. 
Virgin copies were limited to 150 printed.

All items will be shipped by October 15th. 

About this book:

SINK Volume 2 begins here! The critically-acclaimed crime horror cult sensation returns for its most audacious, violent chapter yet! A young nurse wakes up in the back of a blue van, surrounded by murderous clowns.... And her night only gets worse from there! But in her fight to survive, she'll discover just how resourceful -- and dangerous – she can be.