Ivie League Comics Speculation - New Comic Wednesday August 15

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Happy New Comic Wednesday, readers!

As always, here's a quick look at what's hitting shelves today and might be worth your interest. This is a brief post of my own selections. Make sure to hit your Local Comic Shop today and check out what more is there that didn't catch my eye.

Of course, you can always pick up a few comics while you're here. You'll find all of this week's books that we have in stock over at this link.


The B Covers
It's a staple every week at this point, but DC's B covers are some of the best art on the shelves. This week, you can find Aquaman 39 (Middleton), Batgirl 25 (Middleton), Batman 53 (Copiel), Batwoman 18 (Cho), Green Lanterns 53 (Stevens), and a fun Harley Quinn 48 (Cho). The winner here from a value standpoint seems to be Aquaman 39. Middleton continues to be a good investment.

Justice League 6
The art of DC is on point but the storytelling in Justice League right now is some of the best on the shelves. The story of the source wall, the Legion of Doom and the League's effort to thwart it all continues this week. James Tynion IV continues to spin a great tale.

Pearl 1
Brian Michael Bendis was brought over to DC with much fanfare. Now, the man is just putting in work. A brand new story being billed as a "major series launch" and drawing comparisons to Jessica Jones, this one may be worth picking up and holding on to for a while. 


Return Of The Fantastic Four Covers
The monthly variant rolls along with Fantastic Four covers across the brand. This week's standouts are Adam Hughes on Tony Stark Iron Man 3, Humberto Ramos on Life Of Captain Marvel 2 and J. Scott Campbell on Weapon H 6.

Extermination 1
The original X-Men come back together to stave off the end of all mutant-kind. The return of Uncanny X-Men starts with this story by Ed Brisson.

Edge of Spider-Geddon 1
Marvel returns to the Spider-Verse with this four part series leading up to the Spider-Geddon event. Spider Punk takes center stage for this kick-off issue to the next big Web-Head event.

Infinity Wars 2
Speaking of big events, Infinity Wars chugs along with the reveal of who's behind the Requiem mask. There's a secret 1:10 "unmasked" variant out there. Happy hunting!

Star Wars Beckett 1
This one may be a reach for anyone other than die-hard Star Wars fans.  Take a look into the history of the man that becomes Han Solo's mentor in this series.

Weapon X 22
The debut of Weapon X-Force hits the pages with a cover reveal of the roster.


Crowded 1 (Image)
A futuristic world where assassinations and protection are crowd funded by apps. The book reads like a script and looks to be well put together. The A and B covers are starting to grab some attention as well.

Drop by our friends at BTC and grab a copy of their exclusive Crowded 1 cover, an homage to Amazing Spider-Man 129.

Volition 1 (Aftershock)
A story about robots that takes it shots at society through storytelling. Might be worth a read and keeping an eye on.


What Am I Reading This Week?
Those that know me know that I'm actually not much of a fan of DC Comics. That said, it's hard to beat the storytelling that's happening in Justice League. I'll be grabbing that this week.

Along those lines, I very seldom miss anything Spidey related, so I'm picking up some Spider-Geddon as well.

What Am I Investing In?
The hidden variant for Infinity Wars 2, while tough to find, will be the easy investment this week. Crowded 1 looks like it might be worth picking up as well. Long term hold opportunities may exist for Pearl 1 and Weapon X 22. 


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