Ivie League Comics Speculation - New Comic Wednesday August 1

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As your local comic shop stocks their shelves for another New Comic Wednesday, ILC brings you the rundown of the best comics to pick up.

Sometimes it's for value, sometimes it's a good read but it's always worth taking a look.


Adventures of the Super Sons 1
The return of Damian Wayne and Jon Kent to their own title. A new group of evil doers known as "The Gang" debut to challenge the young duo in this flashback series. The original Super Sons run was wildly popular, creating both value and a great read.

The "B" Covers
Every week, DC brings some of the best cover art to comics with the "B" cover for their titles. Recently, these titles have received a minimal trade dress treatment, allowing the art to show through even more. This week, don't miss out on Deathstroke 34 (Mattina), Green Arrow 43 (Kaare Andrews), Batman 52 (Andrews), Nightwing 47 (John Romita Jr) and Harley Quinn 47 (Cho). Each are stunning in their own right.

Justice League 5
One of the best ongoing reads every week. This week, Lex Luthor returns from the future to form the new Legion of Doom. 


Cosmic Ghost Rider 2
Donny Cates continues to spin his tail of the CGR. Issue 2 brings our "hero" in to contact with Galactus. There's also a cameo appearance of some much anticipated characters on the final page of this one.

Infinity Wars 1
Here's the one that's firing up the internet the last few days. It has been revealed that a "major death" will occur in the pages of the new Wars. The tease is also there that Requiem will be revealed. 

Buy Infinity Wars 1 and various ratio variants right here at Ivie League Comics.

X-Men Gold 33
Learn the truth behind Storm's Asgardian hammer in this issue as she returns to the Kenyan village that worshiped her so long ago.

X-Men Gold Annual 2
Take a trip back in time with Kitty Pryde and learn about her first love, long before the wedding that never happened.


Seeds 1
A new book from Dark Horse that looks as much like a script for a movie or television show as it does anything else. It's a four-issue series about an alien falling in love with the human they were sent to eradicate. 

Pick up your issue of Seeds 1 right here at Ivie League Comics.

Leviathan 1
This week's number one issue from Image is an action packed attack on reality. Ryan DeLuca is our main character. His buddies summon forth a giant monster from hell while he was on a beer run.


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