Ivie League Comics FOC Speculation Report For August 6, 2018

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The weekend approaches. For comic book fans, collectors and speculators this means one thing - Final Order Cutoff!

It's the last chance to order comics prior to their release, often at a discount from the retail price. Then it's off to the local comic shop to try and get the book you forgot to order before someone else grabs it from the shelf (or before the price goes up on the secondary market if something interesting happens in the book).

Every week, I take a look at the entirety of the FOC list and pick out the books that I think will either be a great read or offer some level of return on investment.

I make those books available here on the website, all at a discount from the retail price, and then post this article speculating as to why I chose the books I did.

You can find all of this week's FOC offerings right here.

This week, we find a few interesting first issues, a lot of Annual issues, DC/Looney Tunes crossovers, some new Venom titles and more. Let's take a look:


Batgirl 26
Grotesque returns and hits Batgirl with a stun-gun that affects her ability to overcome her initial injuries. Could be an interesting turning point depending on where they go with the storyline.

The DC Annuals
DC titles receive the "Annual" treatment this week, providing one-off versions of various titles. These titles can give a better background story, potentially impact the next year of stories or may even sneak in a first appearance. Either way, they are generally good reads and self sustained stories. Catch up with Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood And The Outlaws and finally Silencer all this month.

Scarlet 1
Here's my pick-of-the-week. Scarlet is a creator-owned character from the mind of Brian Michael Bendis. Now that he's under the DC banner, it appears he plans to tell a new story. It's showing up as "1 of 5", so expect a short mini-series with some punch. (For you speculators out there, go find the original run that flew under the "Icon" banner. There's rumors of a television show and if the new series is worth reading, there will be a renewed interest in the old).

DC/Looney Tunes Crossovers
Four titles will release nine covers this week as Catwoman meets Tweety & Sylvester, Harley meets Gossamer, Joker and Daffy Duck collide and Lex Luthor will spend some time with Porky Pig. This are always fun and some of the more popular crossovers every year with fans.


Daredevil Annual 1
Not to be left out of the annual game, Marvel takes a look at the early days of Daredevil and Misty Knight in this issue.

Edge of Spider-Geddon 2
The next issue in Marvel's much anticipated series takes a look at the return of Peni Parker to the pages of comics. SP//DR gets to step forward into the Spiderverse.

Extermination 2
Marvel's next big event series continues on here with the original team of mutants traveling through time. 

Fantastic Four 1 Facsimile Edition
Here's a fun one. An exact reprint of the original 1961 issue 1 including "fantastic extras". It won't be worth much, but that's not going to stop me from picking up a copy.

Hunt For Wolverine Dead Ends 1
The "hunt" part of this series is over but what's next? Learn more about where Wolverine was and what his return means in this issue.

Marvel Two-In-One 9
The return of the Fantastic Four was built through the pages of this classic Marvel title. Follow Ben and Johnny on the Next Of Kin storyline.

Star Wars Poe Dameron Annual 2
Poe takes on a story that seems better built for Han Solo. He will lead Black Squadron on a mission to raise funds for The Resistance. 

Venom First Host 1
The first of two Venom titles debuting this week, First Host will be laying some important historical depth to the symbiote story. 

Web of Venom Ve Nam 1
Back in the Vietnam War, Nick Fury brought a secret weapon to the battle. Look for a first appearance of another symbiote and maybe more in this title.


Beyonders 1
Aftershock brings a mystery series centered around a young boy that is too involved in conspiracy theories...until he starts living one. Paul Jenkins and Wesley St. Claire combine efforts to bring this one to life.

House Amok 1
The solicitation for this one promises that it will evoke Natural Born Killers and the X-Files. Fans of Paper Girls and Locke & Key are told this is the book for them. It may be the best book offered this week without Marvel or DC on the banner.

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