Ivie League Comics FOC Speculation Report For August 20, 2018

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Here comes the weekend. For comic fans, speculators and enthusiasts, this also means - here comes Final Order Cutoff.

Affectionately known as FOC, Final Order Cutoff is the last opportunity for comic readers to pre-order a book before it hits shelves. It is the time to try and guess which book will be flying off the shelves in the coming weeks and try to reserve your copies before that happens.

You can find all the books on our FOC report for sale at this link.

Books will be uploaded throughout the weekend as well, so check back to see if there's something else you want!

What follows is a speculation post looking at titles available on this week's FOC. Some of the speculation is based on entertainment - it looks like a good read or is the continuation of a series I enjoy reading. Some is based on value - guessing on a book that may be a good investment for people to resell. 

All of it is based on comics. 

This week looks to be a fairly big one. A lot of great reads out there as well as some excellent investment opportunities. The art this week is astonishing. Let's take a look:


DC B Covers
If we're going to talk about Art, we have to focus on the B covers of this week's DC Books. I've put together a special bundle of the 11 covers. The roster of artists on these 11 books this week is phenomenal: Artgerm, Jim Lee, Mark Brooks, Porter, Keown, Mattina, Conner, Hughes, Mack, Meyers and Frison. 

You can order all 11 Variant covers from DC at this link.

Batman Damned 1
DC's "Black Label" is finally here and kicking off with a great one. Read an interview with the creators over at i09 at this link. This non-continuity story looks intense and amazing and the interior art is stunning. This book should be on your radar for both reading and investing.

Catwoman 3
It looks like the person farming Ms. Kyle will be revealed in this issue. The B cover from Artgerm is everything you expect it to be.

Detective Comics 988
This issue offers a good jumping on point that appears to be tied to some older stories as well. Promises to be a good read and could be the type of issue to get readers hooked on some Batman.

House of Whispers 1
Continue into the Sandman Universe with this title from Nalo Hopkinson.

Red Hood and the Outlaws 26
The story of Jason Todd continues to evolve. Look for the debut of a new costume and new approach of the Red Hood in this issue.

Superman 3
One of DC's best stories going right now as Brian Michael Bendis continues to pen some great Superman tales. 



Cosmic Ghost Rider Variants
Amazing Spider-Man 5, Fantastic Four 2, Weapon H 7 and X23 4 all get the Cosmic Ghost Rider B cover treatment this week. Some cool art there for fans of the burning skull.

Amazing Spider-Man 5
The first story arc of this volume comes to a close. The dual-Spiderman story has been captivating and worth the cover price every week.

Edge of Spider-Geddon 3
Speaking of the Web-Head, here's a tale of a time that Peter's blood donation saved Uncle Ben's life, empowering Ben in the process. It's Uncle Ben, Spider-Man!

Fantastic Four 2
Marvel's first family reveals where they've been. The solicitation mentions new friends and foes revealed in the story. That could mean a first appearance or two.

Infinity Wars 3
Marvel's latest event series has been interesting and world altering. What will issue 3 hold in store? 

Journey Into Mystery Birth of Krakoa 1
Follow along at the end of World War II, as Fury and the Commandos encounter something like they've never seen before.

Marvel Rising Omega 1
Wrapping up the Marvel Rising storyline, this one lays the groundwork for the future.

Old Man Logan 47
The solicitation here suggests that a new alien is on a collision course with Logan.

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 36
Not a title I usually look to for speculation, but they're going to do a silent issue. A comic without words challenges artist Derek Charm to tell a visual story along the way. Definitely worth a look.

Venom First Host 3
This series has been firing up the speculation campfire for a while now and will continue to do so. A new offspring is in play and Eddie Brock may find himself abandoned by the symbiote!



Archie 1941 1 (Archie Comics)
Join Archie and the gang in a World War II era storyline. 5 great covers kick off this series for Archie Comics.

We've put all five covers for Archie 1941 in one easy to order location.

Barack Panther 1 
You read that right...check out the Tremendous Trump's greatest nemesis. 

Mystery Science Theater 3000 1
Geeks unite, MST3K is coming to the 2d world of comic books!!!

Cemetery Beach 1
A new action series from Image Comics and writer Warren Ellis. Looks like a fun read and already has some buzz around it regarding television options.

Crowded 2
The new series about crowd-sourced assassinations and protection details comes back for a sophomore issue. 

Farmhand 3
This is one of my favorite reads right now. A great series from Rob Guillory and it's still in the "world building" stage. 

Man-Eaters 1
This one is creating a little buzz of it's own right now. An intense series about women that turn into killer wildcats, this one sounds strange and intriguing.

A monster fighter that brandishes an enchanted tire iron while not on duty as a cab driver? Sounds legit. Check out the story Joe Casey starts weaving in this #1 this week.



What Am I Reading This Week?
Oh man, do I love the way Batman Damned looks! This one has my full attention. Farmhand has been one of my favorite reads through the first two issues and I'm excited to see where the story goes next. I'll always be reading Amazing Spide-Man and the idea of an Uncle Ben Spider-Man will have me grabbing Spider-Geddon this week as well. I'm a Fantastic Four fan from way back and really hope the new series is as good as it promises to be. 

What Am I Investing In?
There's A LOT of speculation into what to invest in on this order sheet, but here goes. Fantastic Four may be chock full of first appearances this week. Edge of Spider-Geddon could be huge if they decide to run a spin-off series in the future. I'm calling Farmhand investment worthy right now. Red Hood and the Outlaws may fly under some radars as a turning point in the story of Jason Todd. Finally, Batman Damned will likely be worth every penny you sink into it. 

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