Ivie League Comics FOC Speculation Report For August 13, 2018

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The weekend approaches. For comic book fans, collectors and speculators this means one thing - Final Order Cutoff!

It's the last chance to order comics prior to their release, often at a discount from the retail price. Then it's off to the local comic shop to try and get the book you forgot to order before someone else grabs it from the shelf (or before the price goes up on the secondary market if something interesting happens in the book).

Every week, I take a look at the entirety of the FOC list and pick out the books that I think will either be a great read or offer some level of return on investment.

I make those books available here on the website, all at a discount from the retail price, and then post this article speculating as to why I chose the books I did.

This week finds a few great reads and interesting solicitations. Skottie Young is writing a new title over at Image, DC hit's it's Black Label hard with some first issues, Cosmic Ghost Rider gets the Variant cover love from Marvel, Thanos Legacy kicks off, Venom First Host continues and....Juggerduck!

You can find all the books listed here for sale at below retail price in this collection.

Let's take a look:


Adventures of the Super Sons 2
Often one of my favorite titles to read, the stories around the Super Sons are always a fun time. Rex Luthor made his debut in Issue 1 and we'll see more of the Gang in this issue.

Border Town 1
Running under the Vertigo banner, this new series takes a hard look at racial tensions through a futuristic world. 

Cover 1
Comics and spies? Artists and writers being used as undercover operatives? Bendis starts spinning a new tale in one of this week's most intriguing titles.

Dreaming 1
The Sandman Universe continues it's story in the pages of Dreaming.

Justice League 7
This series from Scott Snyder is possibly one of the best ongoing series in comics today. The League goes head-to-head with the Legion of Doom in various locales in this issue.

United States vs Murder Inc 1
Did you know Brian Michael Bendis works at DC now? Every week features one or two titles from the talented writer. This one revives one of his stories from days gone by. Take a look at organized crime through the eyes of Bendis.



Asgardians of the Galaxy 1
An interesting spinoff from Infinity Wars, this title takes a look at a new Guardians of the Galaxy team assembled to take down Gamora.

Avengers 7
The Avengers title has been hit-or-miss for me at times, but lately has been a decent read. This issue will feature Cosmic Ghost Rider 1,000,000 BC. A Ghost Rider on a flaming Woolly Mammoth has my attention!

Cosmic Ghost Rider 3
Speaking of the flame-head, his next issue drops on FOC this week as well. He'll face off with a new Guardians team that seems to be a compilation of characters. This will lead to some first appearances that may or may not stick around. The Juggerduck arrives!

Thanos Legacy 1
Donny Cates returns to the tales of Thanos and proclaims Thanos Wins, Again. This story fills the time between Thanos Wins and the Infinity Wars.

Venom First Host 2
A title that has grabbed many readers' attentions returns for a second issue. Tel-Kar, a Kree Soldier, will make his debut in this issue. 

X-Men Gold 35
The solicitation teases something happening to Storm in this issue as we continue to creep towards the recently announced return of the Uncanny XMen title.

Marvel's Annuals
Marvel will drop three Annual issues on this week's order form. Old Man Logan Annual 1, Silver Surfer Annual 1 and Star Wars Doctor Aphra Annual 2 all provide stand alone stories of some reader's favorite characters.

Cosmic Ghost Rider Variants
The "B" Covers theme for this month centers around the Cosmic Ghost Rider himself. You can find a package of these covers available here, where you'll find Astonishing XMen 15, Avengers 7, Captain America 3, Deadpool 4, Immortal Hulk 5 and Thanos Legacy 1 all represented.



War Bears 1
This title caught my attention this week from it's solicitation. Follow along as the creator of an anti-nazi comic character finds his way through a new booming industry in comics.

Bully Wars 1
Man do I love Skottie Young titles. Skottie writes this one about a Hunger-Games like contest to determine the ultimate bully to rule the school!



What Am I Reading This Week?
I'll be grabbing Bully Wars 1 and checking out Skottie's humor on what looks to be an amazingly fun title. I'll also grab Star Wars Doctor Aphra Annual 2 because Aphra is the best thing to happen to Star Wars in a very long time. I'll round out my "must read" list with Adventures of the Super Sons 2 and Justice League 7.

What Am I Investing In?
The Cosmic Ghost Rider Variant covers should move pretty well depending on the artist and the art, but all of them look pretty solid. Avengers 7, Venom First Host 2, Adventures of the Super Sons 2 and Cosmic Ghost Rider 3 all look to have potential first appearances. The investment on those would be slow depending on where the characters go. I'm sure one of the DC number 1 issues this week will end up being the one to grab, but I cannot pin down which one.

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